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Dear students, parents, and guardians,
Bright Futures Educational Services was created to help you satisfy all your academic needs, wants, and expectations. We understand that as exciting as it sounds, these academic decisions that you are about to make will prove only right if you manage to make the most out of them!  Mistakes could be very costly and detrimental to your future aspirations.  We always take a personal stand and try our best to accommodate each and every single need that you may have.  We take it as a personal challenge and commitment to provide you with exceptional service, but above all, deal with you in a humane and understanding manner.  Our motto is that the right preparation and proactive approach will bring you a step closer to success!
Please feel free to communicate with us to share your thoughts and concerns. We can arrange for a free, “no-commitment” meeting to meet each other and discuss in a more personal level your affairs. 
Kind Regards,
Michalis Theocharous
Academic Instructor
Managing Director


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