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Students Testimonials

George Markou
BSc. Financial Computing, Brunel University
We all reach a point in our lives where we believe that we are ready for University and higher education. But when we actually see what is available, the possibilities are endless and overwhelming. Personally, I believed I knew what I wanted to study but I had no idea about the best universities or the best available courses. This is why I turned to Mr. Theocharous for some assistance.  Mr. Theocharous was very knowledgeable and understanding, explaining to me all the pros and cons of higher education, showing me the best universities for my specific interests, explaining the application process; basically making my life easier. Together we completed my university application and sent it abroad to the UK to all the universities that I was interested in. And now, I have been accepted in the best out of the five Universities that I  applied for, studying an excellent course, and I couldn''t have done it without the assistance of Mr. Theocharous who spent a lot of his time with me, gave me deadlines, tips, recommendations, and played a major role in my future  university studies. He was very professional, punctual, helpful and just simply excellent at his job. I highly recommend his services to all future university students!

Chriso Iacovides
B.A Fine Art (Photography), London Metropolitan University
Mr. Theocharous was given the task of finding two universities for business (real estate) and art (photography) for my boyfriend and I. Michalis was very dynamic in achieving this impossible task because this limited our options to only a few areas in London that were close enough and he was successful in handling his mission in for making our futures comfortable.   Michalis was very thorough in handling all paperwork and made it very easy for us to fill in all the necessary forms.  He was always prepared for our meetings with his good organizational skills.  He kept close contact with all the universities we were interested in and answered all our questions.  Choosing to study a few years after finishing school was a little more challenging but Michalis calmly helped arrange exams and technicalities in order for me to get accepted where I wanted.  It was very pleasant working with him as he did a great and satisfying job.
Anthony Mark Nichola
BSc. Real Estate Management, University of Greenwich
As a mature student, I had made the decision to study in the UK and was then faced with the overwhelming task of having to choose; where in England will I be studying, what course better suits my current profession, what options do I have concerning student loans and what certificates must be retrieved?!  Whilst trying to solve these problems a friend of mine recommended to ask Mr.Threocharous for his services, which I did and certainly do not regret.
Michalis was able to approach us on a personal level making us feel comfortable to speak freely about what decisions we want to make for our futures which I find to be very important when making such big plans.  Michalis himself is book smart with a degree in business attained in the USA and a job as a teacher therefore I felt he had the right credentials and the right experience to go with his knowledge, which we all know is needed.  He is very efficient using the Internet (something crucial that many people even today lack), as he masterly used the UCAS website and we did most of our communicating over the web.
Michalis kept close contact with the universities; whenever there was a question we needed answering.  He frequently got the institutes on the phone and got the answers to all our questions.  Always on time and kept us motivated on our goals; working and trying to handle higher education can be stressful, making one forget.  Luckily for me Michalis helped me remember what tasks must be tackled at the right times for which I am grateful.
I expect my relationship to continue in the future with Mr.Theocharous, something which I believe he achieves with most of his clients and I would recommend him to anyone looking to start a new frontier in life.
Vasilis Koursaris
BSc. Sports Science, Nottingham Trent University

Finishing high school, I needed someone with the experience and proper knowledge to guide me through my university applications in England. This is where I turned to Mr. Theocharous.  He showed me the different routes and courses each university has to offer and also advised me by analyzing both my academic and extracurricular activities on my decision where to study as an undergraduate student.  Mr. Michalis, before applying and finalizing my 5 choices through UCAS,  he had already contacted personally the universities I was interested in and has requested specific information about me; as I am an athlete, I required certain criteria, for example university scholarships, proximity to university sporting clubs and specific training schedules along my studies.  Overall what made me realize I made the right choice following Mr. Michalis work style, was his very detailed and thorough work through the different university offers and his ability to distinguish, differentiate and decipher for me what actually works and is best for me.


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